Luna Park

Luna Park at Serenity Fun City is a unique amusement park, which cannot be found in any resort within the Red Sea destination, where the real and the fantastical blur together under a patina of bright lights. The smallest children can find the colored Luna Train, Crazy Mill, Carousel, Balloon wheels and Mini Pirate Ship, small and big visitors can enjoy the classical Bumper cars, Flying Swinger, Junior Coaster and Music express. Luna Park is always a great choice for the young and the young at heart. Come and experience the adventure with us.


Luna Park (Entertainment Park) from 6:30 pm to 9:50 pm 

1 ticket – 30 Egyptian pounds
8 tickets – 160 Egyptian pounds
16 tickets - 240 Egyptian pounds

Prices are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

Please note that Luna Park and Kids Play zone are not included in All Inclusive or Ultra All-inclusive packages. Guests, who book directly on our website, get 8 free tickets upon arrival.

Train Fattoria

Toooot..toooot… All aboard for a great time on colorful Luna Train ride and, yes, mum and dad can ride too! 

-Minimum height to ride alone 90 to 95cm.

Crazy Mill

A gentle ride with just a bit of a thrill, the Crazy Mill will have children giggling with delight. 

-Minimum height to ride alone 90 to 95cm.


Choose your favorite hand-carved horse or elephant on our carousel and enjoy a ride set to the beautiful music.It’s the perfect ride for the whole family! 

- Kids, with height less then 130 cm,  must be accompanied by an adult

Balloon wheels

Small children will love this Balloon wheels ride that lifts them just high enough off the ground to catch a good view! 

- Children less than 90 cm height must be accompanied by parents.

- Maximum 4 pax in one gondola 

Temporarily out of service due to technical issues.

Bumper cars

Race around and chase your friends!  

--Kids, with height from 90cm till 110 cm, must be accompanied by an adult
-Baby and personal belongings are not allowed



Flying Swinger

 Up , up, and away.. Fly high in the air ,around and around with swinging freely feet.  

-Minimum allowed height to ride alone 130cm 
-From height 95cm till 130cm must be accompanied by an adult

Junior Coaster

This classic Junior coaster offers a thrill that won’t disappoint.  

-Kids, with height from 95cm till 130 cm, must be accompanied by an adult. 
-Baby and personal belongings are not allowed.


Music express

Music Express welcomes riders for an exciting spin, travelling forward and around then traveling backwards while negotiating an undulating path to add to the excitement. 

-Minimum Height to Ride Alone: 130cm

Kids Play Zone

In addition, we have a Kids Play Zone with various video games, carousel for the little ones and more… 

Kids Play Zone  from 7 pm to 10 pm   on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays
1 coin – 30 Egyptian pounds
8 coins – 160 Egyptian pounds

Prices are subject to change at any time without prior notice.