Founded in 2007, Serenity Hotels & Resorts was established with aim of Management of Hotel Resorts and proper service to make the guest's stay most comfortable and memorable.

Having the potential to make a significant positive impact through every level of the organization; Serenity is totally focused on acting as a responsible hotelier and being one of the best companies in the Country. This involves and includes each and every one of us.

The Company has already taken many initiatives and established key priorities. Our Corporate & Global responsibility framework provides a clear strategy for how we will work together to benefit the environment and the many communities we serve. Our Winning Ways define how as a company, we will all aim to Do the right thing and Show we care. If we can all Work better together we really can, and will, achieve great things.

Serenity is devoted to delivering an elevated guest experience. A key part of all Serenity Hotels & Resorts is a commitment to refined living. Guests can expect impeccable hospitality, exceptional epicurean experiences, world class spas and an elegant yet welcoming ambiance with the goal of creating lasting and cherished memories.

Pursuing this vision is a dedicated team of talented individuals with decades of experience in the art of hospitality. Knowledge and passion for exceptional personalized service are the foundation upon which this property management company is built, and these desires are infused in each destination.